‚Nu Metal is definitely coming back‘

Limp Bizkit, Wargasm, Blackgold

Still Sucks Tour 2023 presented by Mind Over Matter Music / Barracuda Music, Planet TT Bank Austria Halle at Gasometer Wien, Austria 20230402

Another Sunday evening standing in line. It is the fifth time already this year without any regrets. The only pity is, that The Devil’s Trade would be playing as well. But after Zenith and Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Hall in Germany, MOM and Barracuda bring the ‚biggest Nu Metal show‘ to Gasometer

Linkin Park & Jay-Z and The Prodigy seem to be the fitting music before Blackgold from London warm up the place with a powerful performance. Wearing classy masks, they adress their music to the ‚renegades‘ and ‚freaks‘, taking advantage of their DJ adding some Skrillex-like-part. After the „Mexican Rap“, they cover „I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That“ by Cypress Hill and at the end thank the listeners for coming out early to check out new music. 

The energy level doesn’t sink with Wargasm either. The UK electronic rock duo consisting of Sam Matlock and Milkie Way has a strong live band with them, and the room now gets ultimately filled. And like the crowd needs every corner of the auditorium, the band needs every corner of the big stage. And then, after a breather with Young MC and Run DMC, it is time for one of the most important Nu Metal bands of all time. 

Limp Bizkit maybe were at their peak at Woodstock ’99. But fans still like to pilgrimage to their (festival-)shows, and this time after rescheduling, they have their completely unexpected album „Still Sucks“ with them. The audience obviously nows the new smashers like „Out of Style“ and „Dirty Rotten Bizkit“, but of course the middle part with „Chocolate Starfish“-classics like „Hot Dog“, „Livin’ It Up“ like Ja Rule and „My Way“ is a highlight.

A Nirvana-medley follows, before more moments of joy with „Eat You Alive“, „Full Nelson“ featuring Milkie Way and „Take a Look Around“. In the encore, they include their most known covers of The Who and George Michael, before the get all musicians on stage again for the lovely big final with „Break Stuff“, before Simple Minds escort the guests out of the hall.