Nature Love & Mo’ Voices In The Sky


Live vor am Holzkär Stream 20200516


Basically it would have been the weekend of the Vienna Metal Meeting with Paradise Lost, Grand Magus and more. Instead, you could watch fabulous Karl Ritter live from the Porgy & Bess that unfortunately can’t be seen anymore, or a great acoustic band rehearsing in beautiful nature.

kurzfristig are known from playing the “Fraktiv rockt” Open Air at their home village Fraxern or at various locations like the buntergrund or Löwen Tisis at the rundklang in Feldkirch and Stefan also teamed up with Fabio of Squared Timber and Junipa Gold as Duo Fantastico. Their original songs kurzfristig have been recording with Ekkehard Breuss. With guitar, bass, drums, harmonica, melodica, shakers and especially their four voices, they sweeten up this Saturday night.

In a bowl in the back, a fire is burning, as the band is sitting on the lawn. They start their session with “The Joker” and “Englishman in New York”. The drink of choice for their practice is the Engelburg by Fohrenburger. The frisky mood is infective, as the four obviously enjoy being outside and playing this music together.

The good mood they transport with their song selection as well. “Three Little Birds” gets followed by “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”. But they also talk about their own new record and play e.g. “Fight For Each Other”. This one shows everything that makes this band unique: their style being between a kind of Acoustic Punk and Country and, as already mentioned, the huge harmonies of their voices.

And big Pop songs work in their style as well, as they proof with “Black Or White” and also “I’m Always Here”, the Baywatch theme by Jimi Jamison of Survivor. Sunny weather, wonderful nature and motivating music, you can all get it here with kurzfristig, the happy acoustic band from the mountains of Vorarlberg.


Kurzfristig Live vor am Holzkär

Mir hond üs dänk, wemmar scho probnand konndar oh dabei si. Liebt einander! Eure Kufris.

Gepostet von kurzfristig am Samstag, 16. Mai 2020