The Darkest Stream You’ll Ever See

Oranssi Pazuzu

Oranssi Pazuzu performs Mestarin kynsi – Live Stream Concert presented by FlyingFox ABISLE Art Industries and AMS Oy Ltd, Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki, Finland 20200515


A long time ago, a sampler was released to bring you closer to up and coming bands from the Seinäjoki sub-region. It featured names like Kairon; IRSE!, Genitaalinärpes, Streak and the Raven and Magic Meredith. And with “Unihämähäkki” it featured a wonderful combination of dark riffing and brutal explosion.

Oranssi Pazuzu are not only related to local Ritual Doom Metal matadors OSDOU but are also set to return to the Arena in October. But before, after switching from Svart Records to Nuclear Blast, they released their new record “Mestarin kynsi”, which they perform in its entire online.

It takes the band only few seconds, to let your head groove with their sound. And also from the first second, it is clear, that this will be a visual pleasure as well: the light concept starts with showing the protagonists as black silhouettes in front of a white background, only Jun-His gets a bit lighten up when singing.

Or better said it’s mostly more croaking, that also makes them stand out from other acts going into this evil yet psychedelic Space and Drone direction. The comments read “Pink Floyd 2020” or “21st century schizoid Pink Floyd”. And those comparisons work greatly, but can be supplemented by Progressive Metal like Katatonia and Eyehategod or Elephant.

Back to the light, as it seems that designer Mikko Männistö and probably in cooperation with the band really thought about how to make it this outstanding. After the silhouettes and dead tree pojections, the setting changes to blue to yellow to white strobe. The green haze in the beginning of “Uusi teknokratia” can be seen as reference to the album cover or to the northern lights.

The camera work supports the music as well when coming to the trombone part, and purple grain snow flurry finaly make think of dark hill graves waiting and freezing winds dragging you down, just like in “Legend of Kolovrat”. An album presentation, that makes looking forward to the one in real life.