II (EP 2022)

Eyes in the Void

Melodic Death Metal

Reading this certain word ‚void‘, two associations come to ones mind everytime: the movie „Enter The Void“ taking you on an unreal trip and „Into The Void“ by Black Sabbath, doing the same in a different way musically. Now there is another meaning, as a Viennese Death formation included it in their bandname like Symmetry Of The Void.

Eyes In The Void exist since ten years already, just like e.g. Mindblind. In this time, many things can happen, and so the first EP is almost the same age. The second one listens to the simple title „II“ like Chickenfoot’s „III“, including six brutal blasts. The artwork by Dariusz Krzak (DK13 Design) edited by Gaburrr displays an eye like in „Lord Of The Rings“ surrounded by thorns, parts of a clock like Dalí and Aladin’s Lamp. More eyes can be found in the branches like in „Commander Keen“, like the tasteful logo. 

 The record starts classy with seconds of guitar sound before drums and speed hit in. „Reapers Delight“ might remind of „Rapper’s Delight“ because of the title, but contains great riffs and low growls like Death Metal luminaries Deicide or ‘Doomsters’ Endonomos . The continuing heaviness and Groove brings up Cavalera Conspiracy, Betzefer and TechDeath maniacs Chaos Over Cosmos

On YouTube, the band released playthrough videos like on bass for „Djinn“. It starts with a short quiet part, making think of Seether or even Guns’n’Roses. Of course it comes back to bruatlity quickly, with four chords to maltreat your neck headbanging like Blinded Halo. Blast beats and massive break-downs lead us to „Gods Die Every Day“, the final song, the band put out as single with video. 

In all of this Death’n’Grind-Core mess, fans of the genre will find everything they are looking for. The fast pace changes with clean singing and solo parts, but fancies Humiliation, Rings Of Saturn and even General Surgery as well. This results in a diversified Extreme Metal- and 10th anniversary celebration continuing the style of the first EP, ringing in another decade.