Disappointment (Demo EP 2021)

Lost Spirit

Doom Metal

Music is a healing place. Where you can be yourself. And let everything go. It performs this task either while listening or playing as well. And to proof that it does not take too much like very expensive equipment, is the aim of this one-man-project.

Solo projects are not uncommon in Extreme Metal like the Black Metal acts Owl Cave or Inexistenz show. Fat B. alias Lost Spirit from Grodno, Belarus, found the original Doom for himself, with clean singing like Saint Vitus. His logo includes a skull, and on the beautiful dark cover of the debut EP „Disappointment“, a silhouette crawls in front of a tombstone in the dark forest.

The „Intro“ riff tears us down in a swell, deeper into the shady graveyards, while the singing goes from lament to whisper in the title track. Thinking about demos like from Darkthorne, the rough sound spreads a similar charm. The panorama is well-balanced and the frustration is all over like in Riverwitch

Mean guitar work and melodies sentence to sinister suspense, as the lyrics explore death in „I See Eternal“. Rain leads to the following „Why Do We Need God?“. The arrangement can make think of SOAD, while the topic was one favorite of Lemmy or picturized by Machine Head in „Halo“.

In the final „No Strength“, an epic note is added and growling too, while the lick reminds of Kotiteollisuus and stays in your mind, as the record is finished. Lost Spirit works with his disappointment and focuses it as a creative force. Still it may not be for the faint-hearted, to step into these depths, as it is a thrilling excursion.

But being aware of the unreal beauty of the darkness in woods and cemeteries, you could stumble across Śviatapołk-Čaćviarcinski Manor, meet the „Midnight Man“ or simply experience an escape from your thoughts, while listening to this first collection of five songs by Lost Spirit.