Dance to the Hits and enjoy the Weather

Franz Ferdinand, Ryder The Eagle

Hits To The Head Tour 2022, Arena Wien Open Air, Austria 20220427

This last week of April should have started with some Hip Hop action by EPMD. As unfortunately the tour got postponed, an Indie legend rings in the time of the big Arena Open Airs instead. Just one week before during the Leoniden, one could wonder, why they are working on the stage already. Now here is the reason.

While support act Ryder The Eagle, more and more people fill the lawn. In his white suite, he shines like an angel. Coming from France, he also opened e.g. for Adam Green. Now he is living in Mexico, as he tells. After being divorced, he had erection problems, about which he likes to talk with his regular and sex therapists, which both are the audience tonight. His set includes songs like „The American Dream“, „The Divorce“ and „The Worker of Love“ from his latest album „Follymoon“ as well as „Die on My Bike“ from „The Ride of Love“, the amazing „Wounded Bird“ from „Free Porn“ and his harmonica.

Tonight’s headliner Franz Ferdinand from Scotland is brought to you by PSI2 like the Eels for example. Even in the ZiB news, a short interview teasers the evening with the band. They are heroes of the genre just like The Strokes, Bloc Party, Kaiser Chiefs or The Fratellis. Their intention was to make girls and people dance, what perfectly works with famous songs like „Do You Want To“ and „Take Me Out“. But also „Curious“ from their latest compilation „Hits To The Head“ fits wonderfully with the classics. And so, after a rainy night before, the audience can enjoy a great open air concert evening with fine weather and big tunes. A preview to more nights like this with Beck, Mastodon, Bright Eyes or Tash Sultana, parties like the Iceberg or in a smaller indoor scale the Stark!Strom!Party, as flyers announce.