Living The All Ages Idea

Coperniquo, Dandelion, Mace, Karl Kayzer

Xtra Ordinary Vol. 24 Präsentation & Verleihung des Heimo Erbse Preis presented by FS1 – Freies Fernsehen Salzburg, Rockhouse Salzburg, Austria 20210115


While the Tunnel is streaming as well, on FS1 the yearly Xtra Ordinary presentation and Heimo Erbse award show starts too. As the community TV station of Salzburg has been into music already since years with formats like the Studio Session, KulturRoulette and Corner TV and recently the Forever Twenty Something parties, they are the perfect host for the event that SOG reported two years ago.

Karl Kayzer opens the stream solo before Wolfgang Descho presents this year’s format. As they had (double-) CDs, vinyl and tapes already, this time the Xtra Ordinary sampler consisting of up-and-coming musicians from Salzburg, comes as 7 inch song book with download code. The included bands all get introduced through short video snippets in three blocks.

Well-known artists are Mynth, Good Wilson, Please Madame, Dame, Glue Crew (who hopefully will play at Pirate Days), The Voice Breakers, Christóh and Yakata. From the short insights, Amelie Tobien, Roia, Low Light and Frame are outstanding. Also Alexandra Hesse and her band Vintage Paradise are featured, as well as Robert Herbe. Stootsie interprets few examples from the song book, and Wolfgang Schrammel who is responsible for the mastering for years gives a short interview.

From the Heimo Erbse award winning collective of the night, Late Hour Music, rapper Mace is the second after Karl Kayzer live on stage. Last year’s winner Dandelion perform their sampler contribution “Charley Horse”, adding show elements with a bass solo and a final drum part they play together. Representative for Late Hour Music, Coperniquo showcase three songs they dedicate to a friend.

To stay updated and to know what is going on in the music scene of Salzburg, this sampler and event provide the space and give the support to musicians of all age. And thanks to FS1, it didn’t had to be cancelled.