Never Walk Alone (Album 2023)

Meet The Mailman

Thrash Metal

As civilization goes down and hell freezes over, cockroaches and Metal will be still there. And like in the movie, a Postman will bring the good news from one town to another. His motivation to do so might be some powerful Quebec City Thrash Metal in his ears. 

Until this happens, Meet The Mailman still have some time. After they visited e.g. Gothoom Festival and played Full Terror Assault Open Air the year before, they have several dates to promote their new album „Never Walk Alone“ after „Then You Will Die“, which they presented at L’Anti, the place to see likes of HFTS, Carach Angren or Visions Of Atlantis. On the artwork by Mathieu Cantin and Shane Rebenschied, a dark figure dominates the image like Jack The Ripper, the „Midnight Man“, „Babadook“ or Jerry in „Haunted Mouse“. 

Musically, they start accustomed with (dual) guitars and drums like Blinded Halo, with the speed of e.g. Gwendydd. Melodies like in „So Many Ways To Die“ stick to your head fastly and the movie „A Million Ways To Die In The West“ comes to once mind. 

The title track follows, before the outstanding „The Burning Kiss Of Death“. The intro bonds you and the kind of Hardcore Punk attitude like Terror lets you walk tall. Song number six „Number Hate“ starts with marching drums like „1916“ and the title in this case brings up Rollins Band’sYour Number Is One“. 

Walking Through Reality“ pushes further with a little more gloomy mood, that will stay until the end. If you want, you can hear old and new Finnish Thrash titans like Stone and Stam1na in here. 

This appears to be a core competence of MTMM: they incorporate styles from Old School bands like Slayer and fresh sounds like Deaf Rat. Their big hymns and refrains with strong melodies are fun and motivate tired bones. So their Modern Thrash is unbreakable.