Write Up The Happening

Meet The Mailman

Concert virtuel en direct de L’Anti presented by District 7, Karl-Emmanuel Picard, Lepointdevente, and Capitale du Metal, Québec, Canada 20210131


From 20 degrees plus to about minus 15 within a few hours. How is that possible these days? Watching Mike Masse first and then the South African SummerFest, while FS1 and Kammgarn are online too. Some Ice-T between, and suddenly we happen to be in Quebec.

90 minutes before the actual stream, Meet The Mailman gives a little preview of what will happen. The six-piece shows love to Soulfly and Cradle Of Filth with their shirts, while they hold tons of amazing merch themselves. The setting at the bar L’Anti, where Anvil already performed as well, is promising with great lights and the “Then You Will Die” banner.

There is an ad for a cool “Supportons notre Scène Locale”-shirts too, before the actual show starts. To “O Fortuna”, you can even see the bands underwear, and how they enter the bar. Seconds later, “Kill All the Gods” is clashing around your ears with its awesome chord progression.

During one hour, the band also comes to their first release “Knock Knock Dead Blood Scream’n Gore” too, with likes of “Bloodbath”. The band stands for high speed as well as for epic parts like in “Distorted Purity”, where the bass is present and some dual guitars are in too.

I, The Devil’s Tool” has a little Knorkator touch and “Damnation” just follows after to train your neck. Their Thrash and Death style just includes so many melodies, which best come out in parts with several voices. For this at some point you might even think of Irish Punk Dropkick Murphys.

So Meet The Mailman is much more than just a Metal act but heavy fun for lovers of crazily arranged voices and instruments. And the stream brought to you by District 7 Production and L’Anti Bar & Spectacles probably provides the best audio and video quality you will see.