Then You Will Die (LP 2018)

Meet The Mailman

Thrash Metal


The former carriers of information, who nowadays mostly tow trashy advertisements, are underrated in society. But a band from Canada sets them a monument with their band name. And after the first EP “Knock Knock Dead, Blood Scream and Gore”, they released their first full-length in 2018.

It was the same year Meet The Mailman brought their fabulous mixture of various heavy genres to the Escape Metalcorner in Vienna. Throughout the years, they shared stages with Anvil, Overkill, Helloween, 3 Inches Of Blood, Goatwhore and more.

As the artwork by Alexandre Goulet with a house like in Crimson Peak one might already make think, horror is one of the main elements in this music like in From Hell. Right after the intro you hear it loud and clear: “Torture!” The phenomenal production brings the brutality of all instruments in its fullest including the bass.

One trademark of the band are the solo guitar parts for sure. Therefore they do remind of their countrymen Annihilator, but also American Groove Metal formations like Machine Head, The King Must Die and DevilDriver (“Abbatoir”) and even Swedish Melodic Death giants like Amon Amarth and In Flames (“Distorted Purity”).

Another speciality is the already mentioned outstanding mixture of the genres. In “Eternal Sleep” the rhythm part brings in some Ministry Industrial, while at other points it gets more epic and even has some Oriental and Western score touch (“Now You Remember”). Plus the singing varies as well. It is rough in general but sometimes there are shouts and some croaking too.

Some keys are also used but very sophisticated, to keep up the dark vibes without getting cheesy. Within this huge melodic hard rocking material lies the potential to be played on big stages like e.g. at the Summer Breeze. And the next record is just about to come, this time with a beautiful cover by Wasikendedes.