Goats Online Invasion

Milking The Goatmachine

Milking The Goatmaching Unplugged But Plugged Corona Concerts Live Stream powered by Shure, Yamaha, JB Lighting, Fischer Amps, Ultimate Ears and Cort Guitars & Basses 20200523


In those days we long for heavy live music action, we can find what we need online: The Great Machine announced a show as well as the mighty Stam1na and later on also Sibiir. But before, it is all about acoustic Goatcore.

Milking The Goatmachine have an impressive discography since their first record in 2009, including catchy originals and remindable covers like “Ace Of Spades”. That this stream will be special is clear immediately, starting with crickets chirping followed by “Now We Are Old School”, like Deicide.

As you can also distort acoustic guitars, the band mostly prefers to do so. On their shirts you read bands like Midnight and Earwix. People who might have seen them e.g. at the Summer Breeze know that they are joking a lot: “We are Mickey The Mousemachine!” One running gag is that Goatleeb Udder can’t here his companions when they don’t talk into their guitars.

The show is a charity event for the “Deutscher Tierschutzbund” and “BV Kinderhospiz”, and the acoustic instruments are sponsored by Cort Guitars and Basses. Only for “Nemesis Bettina”, the band actually plays them clean, what really would sound great as well, reminding of unplugged sessions of Seether, Sevendust or Korn.

Other song highlights are “Sour Milk Boogie”, “Only Goat Can Judge Me” (still bringing 2Pac as well to one’s mind), “Finger oder Zeh” (Scrubs?) and of course “Ding Dong” from “SEVEN… A Dinner For One”. Getting Closer to the end, the band adds a little dance filler to MC Hammer.

And even though the camera man won’t dance as requested to “Milk Me Up Before I Go Go”, the band keeps their wordplays going. After over one hour, the final song is “Vain Killer”, before the band says goodbye: “Macht’s Goat!”. In the stream, the credits follow and the music videos for already mentioned “Only Goat Can Judge Me” and “Sour Milk Boogie”.