The Ultimate Multiverse (LP 2020)

Chaos Over Cosmos

Progressive Technical Electronic Melodic Death Metal(-core)


There are many interesting stories behind band formations, yet this one is still outstanding. This one is going beyond borders, even across oceans. Especially in the innovative field of Progressive, Technical and Electronic Metal, we know groups of only two people like Arch/Matheos, Perturbator and GosT having live sidekicks or the brothers TDWA.

Now Chaos Over Cosmos is a step ahead, as they are only the two of them, but Rafal Bowman (guitars, synths, drum programming, songwriting) is living in Poland while his partner Joshua Ratcliff (vocals, lyrics, songwriting, also Resurgenceau) is situated in Australia. They never met each other but together they crafted two EPs now morphing into the one LP “The Ultimate Multiverse“, melodic and tremendous.

Right in the first seconds, the direction is clear and the high quality as well. The technic on the instruments is perfect, and after his first companion Javier Calderón from Spain, Rafal obviously found a great replacement on vocals. Clean singing, screams and growls, all sound great on Joshua, who brings in a Melodic Death impact reminding of likes of Dark Age, Blinded Halo or No.Sar.

The drums are on full speed a lot of time. Yet one personal highlight is the second song “One Hundred”, having this amazing synthie melodic topic and taking one to the Sci-Fi world of the record cover, another world like Rings Of Saturn or Dayum. Another great special is the huge arrhythmic refrain, that could appear in a Stam1na track too.

There are many more references like Cypecore, CoB or Henrik Huber, but the core is that this fine tunes work whether you are traveling on a train, playing an old game like Commander Keen or Skyroads, or if you want to party on a festival. Why you can hear on “We Will Not Fall”, that is the perfect banger on the one hand, but very diverse on the other (On the original EP it was split in two parts).