As Good As It Gets

Spycats, Magic Delphin

EP “Nuff Said” Telereleaseshow presented by Klub Melange, Trumer and Jazz:it, Boot Studio, Salzburg, Austria 20200404


The weekend flies by with the new standard activities: playing poker online with friends while talking on Discord, make something nice to eat like raclette and waiting for the live stream to begin like this Saturday again.

At 7:30 pm already the support gig by Magic Delphin is set to start. It has been some time since the last time he played in Vienna so the anticipation is high for this show. A countdown comes in, while you can hear “Space Walk”. Then the Delphin appears on the screen, telling that this was recorded two days ago. He jams for some seconds, announces the upcoming act, but unfortunately that’s it. No songs, nothing. Due to the anticipation this is bit disappointing, plus it’s still 43 minutes until the main program.

Luckily that is pretty well worth seeing. Spycats should have played this EP release show at the Jazz:it and go on tour with the Steaming Satellites, but instead they recorded this session at the Boot Studio (also The Tangerine Turnpike). The description is alluring: “A Hunter S. Thompson and Lou Reed all-nighter in Old Town Palm Springs.” They perform all six songs from “Nuff Said”, starting with “Uel De Bueraux”. The Dream Pop Rock makes think of in that case “Delivery” by the Babyshambles, and also Jim Noir or locals Harris Haare and LILI. That willful music is coming from Salzburg proofed likes of Dr. Opin and Day X Night already. What makes the Spycats outstanding, is their fabulous 70s feeling. The voice is sounding great in the base range. The colourful neon lights support the spirit, and four cameras perfectly capture the proceedings, being cut in split screens and dissolves as well. The final “Power” is a highlight reminding of “My Friends” and then it is already over again, followed by a DJ set by Oliver Lovejoy, while the Viper Room put up another stream as well.