Exotic on another level

New UrengoY

Tunnel Vienna Live, Austria 20180606


The Tunnel Vienna Live in the eight district. Home of Open Phil, touching concerts like Months Of Indecision and of friendly bartenders and a great atmosphere. And this Wednesday home for the outstanding music project New UrengoY.

Named after the city Novy Urengoy in north-western Siberia, which is mostly about gas production, the group positions itself as exotic project with exotic instruments like the Jew’s harp and the Sitar. This uncommon combination is the result of the concept of the band. Starting with Andrej (Jew’s Harp) and Alex (guitar, vocals, drums, sound, also KaaK), the band is open for other musicians to bring in their ideas and influences.

That is why this night besides the two and Alokesh (Sitar) the forth person on stage is Damaris Richerts on trumpet. This perfectly fits into the existing sound combination, and is a bit the second instrument reminding of (Italo-) Western scores. Even though the music itself then is more about experimenting and jamming. Already the introductory improvisation is captivating. The “Album Intro” of their debut record follows.

Dancing Queen” by Abba is the first cover from the record they perform. They describe the style as AcousticEthnoRock, that gives them the freedom, to play those sometimes weird tribute versions of classics. “Sweet Dreams” might be one of the mostly known, and therefore also might be one, that fans of the original wouldn’t be happy with in this way. But as Andrej tells, they allowed themselves to have some fun with the music.

After 30 minutes they make the first break, and time simply seems flying by watching and listening to this very otherwise concert experience. Bon Jovi tried to cover in a special way on “This Left Feels Right” and so do the Hellsongs. But this is a completely different level as the Sepultura cover proofs. It remains exciting, what New UrengoY will be back with after their creative break now.