Crossover Crip-Walk Salzburg

Revelia, Day X Night

Beyond Basic Tour, Chelsea Wien, Austria 20180612


It is Concert-Tuesday! And time to see what two great bands from Mozart city Salzburg were up to lately. The Chelsea in Vienna is the place to experience the newest output of the componist’s descendants.

Day X Night, a little wonder no one thought about this band name earlier. Even though people might puzzle over how to pronounce it, what is the point of the spelling according to the band. The lyrics are about sea creatures or the high feeling going home tipsy and dancing. Especially the instrumental tune “High 5” from the debut EP “Elements” shows how the instruments complete one another. From funky to electronic, from fun to serious: Day X Night combines Electro-Pop Punk Rock Soul and Hip Hop in a way that one guy even starts to Crip-Walk.

Revelia already made several stops during their “Beyond Basic” Release Tour especially in Salzburg at pertinent locations like the Bricks, YoCo and Rockhouse. In Vienna they start the show with a powerful Rage Against The Machine like smash hit, before lowering the pulse and going on in Red Hot Chili Peppers manner. The cool performance features a lot of nice solis, a mouth harp and a megaphone, suddenly sounding a bit like the Gorillaz. Singer Marco shows full respect for the work of his musical colleagues and their songwriting, but also presents a decent own one. Another nice little idea is to let the audience move up and down but alternately. Feels bit stupid and looks hilarious from the stage the band tells. But therefore it is fun doing it.

The music scene in Salzburg is booming, not only the big locations but also for example the MARK and the Corner are platforms for big shots like Magic Delphin, Scheibsta & Die Buben or The Vintage Cinema Club. Revelia and Day X Night mark to more great examples.