Find Your Space And Get Embraced

Onk Lou, Gospel Dating Service

Donaukanaltreiben 2018, Salztorbühne and Summerstage Wien, Austria 20180602


Summer in the city, time for free open air concerts. Apart from the probably most famous Donauinselfest, the Popfest and the Donaukanaltreiben are two more opportunities to see big bands for no money.

For four days and nights, the Donaukanaltreiben turns the area between Spittelau and Franzensbrücke to the hotspot of Vienna next to the Life Ball taking place at the town hall. Already on Thursday this time Mary Broadcast plays at Das Werk together with Bernhard Eder while the Sofa Surfers are the headliner at Strandbar Herrmann. On Friday one of the most acclaimed acts is Schönheitsfehler, who play at the Salztorbrücke, where we also start on Saturday, while Sam Chalcraft plays at U-Bahn-station Schwedenplatz.

Bilderbuch are on the peak of their success, yet they already have a worthy successor: Gospel Dating Service have the style, the skills and the sound that seems perfectly right for this time and generation. Even though their style recently was more about a 90s hipster fun trash dress code, the shorts of the bassist David Resch and the necklace of drummer David Ruhmer just appear to underline the decadence and glamour of their groovy pop music. Even though people keep passing by, singer Christoph Ertl manages to get the audience singing, which then asks for a second time of “Amazing” as an encore.

While Garish are up next on this stage, we go on to the Summerstage. The high society meeting point that also screens soccer. What is the reason that the show of Onk Lou has to wait until the match is over. But as he finally enters the stage, people try to find a spot to most possibly see and hear what is going on. Even on the back of the stage, a human grape forms itself. No wonder, as the entertainer catches them with summer feelings and once more “1000 voices” keeps stuck in one’s head.