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Nova Rock Festival 2022

People, Anniversaries and Changes

Nova Rock Festival 2022

Pannonia Fields II, Nickelsdorf, Österreich 20220609-12

Since the Nova Rock Festival started out in the mid 00s, some things have changed. Many great memories align the way of the ten visits like being neighbors with artists from Restock or Echo Hawks. They are the ones who know how to celebrate the open air in 2022.


As the mud is deep from all the water, among the earliest festival bands would have been Blues Pills, Fire From The Gods, Gloryhammer and Reverend Backflash. Unfortunately their gigs have to be cancelled. But a bit later, as one very classic formations, Bush featuring Gavin Rossdale perform hits like „Swallowed“ like EvanescenceBring Me To Life” after. In the meantime, the veterans of Clawfinger can open on the Red Stage, followed by Turbobier. Rise Against frame their set with the famous „Prayer Of The Refugee“ and „Saviour“. Steel Panther deliver one of their typical shows including „Asian Hooker“, „Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World“, „Community Property“ and „Death To All But Metal“ and with way more than 17 girls on stage during „17 Girls In A Row“ before Bullet For My Valentine. Headliner of this first day would have been SOAD in 2020. Now it is Muse, who convince with their strong live appearance and songs like „Hysteria“, „Psycho“ and „Knights Of Cydonia“. As late night act, a special duo was found instead of Scooter with Haddaway and Dr. Alban, who are a lot of fun like David Hasselhoff in former years, performing „Relax“, „What Is Love“ and „It’s My Life“.


The second day starts early with the fabulous Hinds. Their Garage Indie sound convinced the Visions and made them open for Beck. Battle Beast and local heroes Black Inhale are the afternoon Metal portion this day. The sing along hymns from Sportfreunde Stiller echo through the wide fields like „Applaus, Applaus“ and „Ich, Roque“. The Italian shooting stars and ESC winner Måneskin proof in a very sexy and energetic show, why they became this large band within this short time. Korn are way longer in the business but still their tracks like „Here To Stay“ or „Y’All Want A Single“ make one’s head bang. Dog Eat Dog on the Brandwagen Stage nail it with „Who’s the King?“, „Rocky“ and „No Fronts“ and send their regards to the Viper Room crew. Heilung do their thing, before Placebo step in for the Foo Fighters, who cancelled do to the passing of Taylor Hawkins (Rest in peace). With iconic melodies like „The Bitter End“ and „Running Up That Hill“, they are a worthy replacement.


Day number three already is very crowded, as there are exciting moments ahead. Early acts are Monokay, Jinjer, Electric Callboy and Please Madame. Then the Punk offensive attacks. Bad Religion are the ones to begin, followed by The Offspring. They still can pull the kids on their side, with tunes from their latest album „Let The Bad Times Roll“ as well as with their old ones like „Bad Habit“ from „Smash“ or „(Can’t Get My) Head Around You“ from „Splinter“. Lagwagon on the Brandwagen Stage again are from the same era. Lead by Joey Cape, they let their fans sing „E Dagger“, „Sleep“, „Alien 8“ and „May 16“. On the Red Stage, Mando Diao is followed by Dame, who has Onk Lou as guest with him. Main act is another Nova Rock permanent since back in 2006 named Volbeat, and Deichkind take care of the big (critical) party with „Wer sagt denn das?“, „Bück dich hoch“, „Leider geil“, „Arbeit nervt“ and „Limit“, ended with „White Room“. 


On day four, many already begin the journey home. Within the line-up, The Weight, Airbourne, Wizo, Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space, Gentleman, In Flames and Billy Talent can be found and some can be watched via live stream on YouTube. Unfortunately, the huge party tent and DJ tower have been exchanged for a way smaller tent and the so-called thunder dome blowing out the bass, so the relaxed dancing to Rock and Hip Hop classics outside is not possible anymore and the Ottapool is completely gone. Plus at some point it takes feelingly forever to simply get any kind of drink, or the one you want is sold out. But the camp side Jägermeister and Singer-Songwriter Stage still work with local acts like Lucie and the weather on the fields is still extreme as it has always been, from cold rain to dry heat. So some things changed and not all for good, but others stay the same and anyway the Nova Rock 2022 was great fun, celebrating with great people.