D A R W I N (Album 2022)

Red Sun Atacma

Desert Punk Heavy Psychedelic Stoner Rock

Via Mrs. Red Sound and Shake Promotion (e.g. Witchfinder) comes a new breeze. Lifting into unknown heights and causing stunning images in ones mind. Like the mountain creature heads on the cover of the album „Darwin“, reminding of the one from The Dukes or Homer’s imagination.

It all starts acoustic, as the wind of Red Sun Atacama starts to move the sand. This classic guitar intro is like from Santana or Death Angel, Mariachi style, even bit Flamenco. But the speed is about to change in „Furies“. Drums, the shaker and the bass come closer as the storm breaks lose. The title seems convenient and the Fuzz sound as well, unleashing the energy of likes of Nick Oliveri or LoPro.

Antares“ starts in a quiet way again, Psychedelic and atmospheric like Pink Floyd, Alcest or Amenra. The boost comes slowly with the extensive solo, before the sand again takes all the sight similar to Ultima Radio and with clean guitar between. This driving groove continues in the single „Echoes“, that literally screams „Shake Your Blood“!

The following „Revvelator“ turns more towards Prog paths on the endless dunes. Bass and guitar beautifully melt together like in a spacey Wolfmother dream. Still it doesn’t miss a certain amount of heaviness plus a playful outro. With „Ribbons“, the concluding Stoner essence comes with the last song.

And still it wouldn’t be Red Sun Atacama, when there wouldn’t be more to find, like the grooving „Colors“ from Body Count. The final rebelling of the storm is huge, as the mountain creatures get alive. In the end, everything fades out and away, as the album finishes off like the beginning.

Some acoustic guitar notes like from Marc Perin do manage to calm down the gusts. The waves flatten, and the sweet noises of the sea remain.