Heritage (Album 2021)


Psychedelic Instrumental Stoner Hard Rock Doom

There are some crazy productive maniacs out there. Dave Grohl is above all, having a record and book and documentary out and now another movie’s coming. But for this band, it is the second album already for the year 2021, after „Wonderland“, „Urban Shades“ and „Soundscape“ in 2020.

So after „Bluff“, here comes „Heritage“ by Oddplay. During a stream, they presented already few songs including the opening single „Vices“. A dark intro with quiet ending, leading to the „Jam Of Stone“. String harmonics are on top of this interaction within the instruments of the ensemble. Progressive and experimental like e.g. Mad Act or the work of Renan Lourenço

The following title „Deboned Lamb Head“ maybe refers to a traditional dish or what is served on Saint George’s Day. On social media, they posted a video from the Rhodope mountains with the song beforehand. With an oriental touch, it leads to a bass drum like a slaughter machine from „Heavy Trip“, until it opens up like a big fire in the desert.

Lo Sound Desert“-bands are a clear influence. In articulated staccato parts, you can also find Classic Rock like Nazareth like in  „On The Surface“, played during the stream as well like „Tainted Heritage“. This tune comes with a straight riff in slowmotion like „Blindfolded“.

More references partly could be Mastodon, Wolfmother, Slash or Newsted. One very interesting highlight is „Lady Hawk“ with a lick that could be lend to completely different genres. Then the guitar gets a classic nuance and we hear this kind of transition bridge part like in „Depths“ from the precursor. 

From jazzy to massive until the fine final „Quell“, which is another highlight, „Heritage“ is darker over long distances and technical. With a lot of energy and verve, Oddplay catapult their „Heritage“ out from the studio into your listening device.