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Live On YouTube Stream presented by Playheart Sessions, Bulgaria 20211211

While the snow slightly falls off the roofs in central Europe, at the coast from Bulgaria, the temperatures are at least bit more friendly. And as there is not even a week left until the release of their fifth album, a band decided to give an appetizer online.

It is not even a year as well, since the release of their last record „Bluff“. But Oddplay have already banned eleven new songs on tape again. On social media, they announce previews during their live stream. Opening the link before the start, Soundscape“ proclaims the following happening. Shortly past seven, the band is introduced at Playheart Sessions and gives an interview.

Luckily, someone takes care to summarize it in the comments. For the non-Bulgarian-speaking audience from Canada, UK or Portugal, he writes that „Oddplay is not commercial and have no target to do something huge“. Internationally known terms, they apparently use to describe their sound, are Psychedelic, Stoner and Instrumental.

So the direction is clear, and the Soen-shirt of drummer Deniz Saliev (Everdream) underlines it. With the power of The Sword and the virtuosity of instrumental focused duos like Nothing Is Real or Intraveineuse, Oddplay dive into their set of about forty minutes.

As they announced, their fantastic Sabbathy brand-new single „Vices“ is just one of three tracks from the upcoming „Heritage“. From „Bluff“, they bring up „Spoon Bender“, „The Path“ and „Depths“. Their smiles and sweat show how much they love what they do. 

It is their ability to take ‚regular‘ riffs and build beautiful dynamics from overdrive distortion, brutal breaks and technical beats, that make their combination of familiar Stoner Metal and Rock so special. No wonder people like to tune in even from the Great White North overseas to enjoy the show this Saturday evening and bang the head with the rhythm.