Beauty Of Music Makes Time Pass Quickly


Livestream @Society77, Austria 20211210

It’s Friday and the country has been set to sleep again. Therefore, the new Magic Delphin tape can’t be bought at the release shows at Kramladen or Jazzit, but it is available online. And after an active summer, a folk singer-songwriter again takes place in front of the camera.

For Felix Junger aka Yunger it is not the first live stream performance. But during the summer months, he played several places with audience as well like at the Whiskey Museum, Tschocherl or Grätzloase Pusteblume. And inbetween, he has been busy writing new material. After the EP „Lonely Thoughts“, he published the singles „Let’s Get Lost“, „Running Out Of Time“ and „Slug“.

Now he takes a seat at the studio of Society77 in the second district of Vienna. They have hosted fourteen acts in the meantime like Crowns Of Babylon, NoFlags, Bernhard Eder, Delta Concept or Alexa Lopez. With three cameras, they capture the live action and provide it to the world. 

After a short introduction, Yunger starts with „Free Time“ from the already mentioned last EP. In „Running Out Of Time“ he wrote down his thoughts on the climate crisis, and the lyrics somehow are similar to those from Scheibsta in „Heulen nach Athen“. 

His beautiful melodies carried by his voice continue in „Cold Cold Heart“ and „In Need Of A Friend“. As he doesn’t want to talk too much to the camera, he only gives short information, also on his next album that is planned to come out next year. From this one he plays „Evening Sun“ including the mouth harp.

As regular final, he combines the instrumental from the first record „On The Run“ with a new one he is working on named „Winds Of Paris“. The half an hour set went super quickly, so he even adds „For All You’ve Lost“, to bring the lovely Friday evening stream to an end.