Creation & Dedication

Okkultokrati, Nag, Zetkin

DasBACH, Vienna, Austria, 2017-03-23


For hardcore punk shows, distance between band and audience is the enemy. That is why you wouldn’t find a better place for this line-up than the small but awesome stage of the DasBACH.

The first band of the package, Zetkin, knows how to use the closeness to the audience, as their singer doesn’t stay on the boards for a second. After the intro “Die Arbeiter von Wien”, he stands in front of the stage and screams in the people’s faces directly. Surrounded by fog and with ski-masks on, their communist Thrash and Crust is a great experience and eventually gets one thinking this is the loudest rock n roll on earth.. well, of course after Motörhead.

Coming up next is the band Nag, again somewhere between Punk, Hardcore and Metal. The German words they know are very clear: “Wir sind Nag! Wir sind aus Norwegen! Und wir sind Satanisten!” The trio rocks an amazing set, powerful and especially in the face of drummer Espen Nag you can see their dedication and fun they have doing this. What reminds of the 80’s hardcore scene is their DIY attitude, as they made their LP on their own, putting a picture of drowning Christians on it.

Also with a lot of attitude, the last band enters the stage: Okkultokrati. A band, whose logo looks like black metal, the music is like punk with 80’s sounds and black metal, and all together is an awesome creation of a heavy rocking group. Maybe the influences they name can even describe it best: some mixture of Black Flag and Black Sabbath. So it is no wonder they are at Southern Lord records, home of some of the most important Stoner and Doom bands. Like the others before, they play full of devotion, and their very special music is a great final for this whole evening, where one great moment hunted the next one.