Looking For The Exit (EP 2024)

Out Of Nothing

Stoner Punk Metal

A square on dark ground, two O’s placed inside each other like an eye or an abyss. The N like a warning not to come near. Logo of a band, reflecting the daily grind and society structures. And „Looking For The Exit“.

Cutback. Out Of Nothing, this band entered stages like lately at Arena Beisl, beautifully captured by Koen Smet. Two singles were ahead of this EP: „Out Of Nothing“ and „Wrecking Lives“. Four more embark this record, to find a path through the dark and confusing surrounding like on the cover. Drawn by George Bokos (Grindhouse Studios Athens, ex-Rotting Christ), the only way out seems to be the opaque square in the middle.

From the very beginning, references like „That Was Just Your Life“ pop up. The vocals of Mr. Nothing Alexandros Karavias start cool and quiet but boost as the „Corporate Cannibal“, that ‚eat you alive‘ like Limp Bizkit. Sektor7-squeeking Body Count Die Krupps Nu Metal guitars are paired with slow heaviness in the middle part. The „Moment Of Truth“ then changes to even more metallic riffing, like Newsted and his already mentioned former formation. 

The ‚Crow In White‘ marks the EP’s single „Psychedelic King“, the Stoners peak after a ‚Nomad‘ intro. Monster Magnet and Fu Manchu send greetings, as the speedy part and solo lets the pit implode. Finally „To Go“ is a secret favorite, with Gina Holzmann on lead vocals and another rolling riff. 

Completing the square of members are Heinz Kittner (former drummer of Ernst Molden) and Martin Müller (Only 5 Dollars). Listing influences like Orange Goblin, Rage Against The Machine and Johnny Logan, all of them can be found in a way in this debut EP. All all of the sudden, the exit is right there, appearing like in Dyna Blaster

PS: On Friday 7th June 24 they present the EP at Metalnight Outbreak Summer Festival at ((szene)) with Infield, Panini Project and Sphex.