Organic Faith (Album 2024)


Guitar Ambient Bluedrone

Duality of life: concrete walls of a city and curtains of plants in the woods. Human machine noise and peaceful silence on the countryside. Evil considerations and positive replies. The band Böse and the solo Drone project. 

Marcin Kaczmarek not only plays drums in this band, but also publishes music under his alias SAM. After even three releases in 2023 („Drone Bells On The Field“, „Sun melted my soul“ and „Water of love“), he starts the year of 2024 with „Organic Faith“. 

Like in „Old Boy“, it is about waking up under unknown circumstances. Alone and no noise of civilisation, so you have to decide in which direction to go and find a natural believe in yourself. On the cover of pixabay, a person stands on a rocky way in the dark Garden of Eden, and the album title shines like a neon sign.

So the record starts with „Waking up in the unknown forest“. Birds are singing to the melody and additional guitar. Somehow Bob Dylan comes to once mind. It is a dark yet peaceful place that the notes describe. The forbidden forest with friendly creatures. And a sunny haven in the insta video

The self-discovery happens in the title track. The picked guitar tones sway like a willow in the wind. A gentle atmosphere meets those like the singing birds before. Small Souki and Mila Cloud seem close. And closing your eyes, enjoying the very moment, you can find peace of mind. 

After this realisation, the „Evening Chant“ put you to rest again. In the Puszta, the voices of animals do this for you. So the fourteen-minute-epos starts like The Doors and with pickup preludes answering and strumming. And while it rings out the record for minutes, this meditative kind probably would even work on (Folk) Metal festivals.