Cut Throats (2017)

Owe You Nothing

Austrian Eastside Hardcore


Hardcore at heart – maybe the easiest way to quickly describe the number one you call if you need an uncompromising direct act somewhere around Vienna. No wonder that this formation regularly plays with acts like Pro Pain, Madball, Cro-Mags or Skywalker (who also played with e.g. False King).

Owe You Nothing is the well-chosen and clear name. And “Cut Throats” is not only the very first song of the group, but also the name of their very first EP. The CD comes in a classic Jewelcase with the wonderful artwork by Reinhard Moser. The logo is a bold serif typeface like the one of Terror. The record title is in a beautiful handwritten style. Because of the colour and design it reminds of the “Cheapest Getaway”. And because of the razor blade on the front of Jack Beauregard at the barber in “My Name is Nobody”.

The title track reveals the massive musical direction – less is more is the motto of the band. Crunchy guitars, Punk riff and beat, and spitting vocals like in the old Raunchy classic “This Legend Forever“, everything is there. Then it even switches to double bass, Incite could be another reference. After a seamless transition, “Doomed City” comes with another metal-like beginning. The speed level basically stays high, and a guitar adds a higher descant. “I’m just sick of this place!” Who didn’t think that at some point. It goes on with “Mankind”, that provides a straighter rock beat in the verse and a chorus consisting of two parts and ending in a staccato like finish.

Call For Witness” is a kind of reckoning. “Mankind full of lies. Justice by my side.” You can hear a lot of scornfulness in this one. The sound itself reminds of the very early Machine Head or other Groove monsters like DevilDriver. The next fighting song is “Stand Your Ground”: “Those seconds before the fight, this is the thrill of the night.” This could be soundtrack of “The Warriors”. The song also features Mike Crucified Olbrich (Only Attitude Counts, Spider Crew) on guest vocals. The last song “Enemy” once more is heavy and Metal and includes the important words: “Owe! You! Nothing!”