Pro Post Hard Metal Core

Canvas, Skywalker, Blessed With A Curse, False King

Replugged Wien, Austria 20180515


The Replugged lies at the border of the seventh and the eighth district of Vienna. From outside it seems a nice little Café. Going downstairs reveals the surprisingly big and inviting concert room. This Tuesday it is the place for (Post) Hard- and Metalcore between Downfall Of Gaia, Terror, Kvelertak, Helmet, In Flames and Sum 41. Sounds interesting, right?

False King have Post Hardcore written on their proverbial flags, their name on the very cool real flags and “Congratulations” on the cap. They present their wonderful and diverse sound with a lot of enthusiasm and fun. Jokes are about their YouTube access numbers, the number of used guitar paddles in a song and that they’re the fourth best band before the three better. And Substance is a band in the band.

The next act brings a more Metalcore as well as Punk side to the musical impression of the night. Blessed With A Curse have obviously found the sound they love. Therefore and even though they are young, the performance is strong, all of them playing tight and on point. The acoustic tune is a matter of taste, but the DIY backdrop is nice.

Skywalker then has also cleanly sung Punk parts, but a lot of heavy Hardcore in it as well. Singer Jay shows how it is done and rushes from one side to the other and in front of the stage to the audience. He has his pleasure with the Austrian Mineral Water to oil his voice and tells the people to be positive because we have music and love.

The last band has not got so much to say, but don’t need to, as their amazing music speaks for them. Canvas starts directly with their very powerful “Loveless” from the ground-breaking “Worry” released via Basick Records. The rhythms are made for headbanging and therefore they are the perfect final of this great Post Hardcore evening. Only pity that they don’t play an encore. But ah yeah the tickets are cool.