Whiteout (Music Video 2022)


Industrial Post Rock

The name like a warning sign. The title like a threat. And the video like a declaration of solidarity. Noise Appeal Records (Dim Prospects, Baits, Wipeout) presents „Whiteout“, another part of a thoughtful and artistic music video series.

Back in spring-time, Phal:Angst released the previous clip entitled „On The Run“ from „Phase IV“ (Bloodshed666), that included scenes from „Hardwire“. It featured Simon Frühwirth („Nevrland“) in the main role. This time, they have three protagonists in front of the lense of Alfred Wihalm (desolat): Mentl, Sarah and Lisl.

While the title might rhyme with „Whiped Out“ from OFF! and describe the weather phenomenon used to create suspense in „Fargo“, the song „Whiteout“ from the upcoming album of the same name talks about ‚people and staring at them and their alienation‘. „Clouds are falling“ a raspy voice recounts between whispering and screaming, still „looking for salvation“.

In the video, the music comes from vinyl like in Motörhead’sRock Out“, carefully put on and cleaned with a brush next to Dÿse and other bandlogos. The medium of choice, as Henry Rollins likes to philosophize about it. In the still black and white shots, many more details can be found all the time.

And so pictures from „On The Run“ reappear like some of „King Of Queens“, while the actions associate drug abuse or depression, ‚but maybe also tiny moments of empowerment‘. The piano accompanies the events softly, dark yet beautiful, until the eyes crack open and distortion fills the air.

Direct looks into the camera seize the viewer at the end, while the TV shows white noise. The final freeze frame of the end credits is a smile. And smiling is contagious. As „Whiteout“ draws a certain image of desperation similar to „Let Them Fall“ of Saint Vitus, it still contains some hope.