An Official Hard & Heavy Live Party

Atlantean Kodex, Ravenous, Chaos Inside, Hangover Division, Titan Killer

Stark!Strom Fest – The Annihilation Of Simmering, ((szene)) Wien, Austria 20221125

The Austrian Heavy scene has several print and webzines covering all activities like the Stormbringer, Demonic Nights and Earshot. One of the youngest examples is Stark!Strom, a free A5 booklet featuring locals like Ewig Frost or Grim Justice and internationals like Ghost. This Friday, they invite to ‚The Annihilation Of Simmering‘. 

As first band out of five, Titan Killer start with a strong show like back at the ‚Unhallowed Thrash Bash‘ and let the hair fly in the front row. The set includes songs like „Infuse“ and „Rockin’ Until Collapse“ as well as more recents like „Pulling Strings“. Between they even find time to point out the beginning of the „16 Tage gegen Gewalt“ and that the following band will ‚groove your asses off‘. 

The talk is about Hangover Division with members of Boundary and The Soundheads. They chose Ennio Morricone as intro, before they have a harmonica live on stage. As they talk less, they let their charismatic Heavy Blues speak with double bass like in „Top It Off“ and a lot of feeling like the Churchpenny Allstars. And apart from their EP „Not For Sale“ out on tape, they even have a brand-new two-weeks-old tune with them.

With Chaos Inside, the evening goes in a more Progressive direction. They were part of the Austrian Metal Salute and this night, they give away the baseball bat from their latest music video. And while their former drummer enjoys the show in the audience, Roman Daucher took his place. But they are not the only ones, as Ravenous retire their drummer Marcus too and continue with Lukas Roth from Wildhunt

Their fantastic Thrash set is perfectly fine to train the neck muscles, before the concert goes into the final round with Altantean Kodex. Their mix of traditional early Metal with Epic Doom like Uriah Heep with Bathory and Candlemass secures them the affection of the crowd like at the Hammer of Doom with The Skull. And while this beautiful live fest is captured by Ines Altschach, the Iceberg starts and gives another opportunity for an after show party..