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Phil Campbell and The Bastard Sons play Motörhead

Wildstyle & Tattoo Messe, Wiener Stadthalle E, Austria 20240505

Good meals, body art and Rock’n’Roll. What else a fine Sunday would take? The European Street Food Festival and the Wildstyle & Tattoo fair combine all of it at Wiener Stadthalle

Slash featuring Fergie come from the speakers, while you can choose from Paella, Ćevapi, wild boar and much more at the yard in front of hall E. Meanwhile inside you hear Deep Purple and it is all about the images on skin like Steve Little Fingers does and aplacefortom even dedicated a whole book after the gig poster scene

Looking at the Lordi-shirts of many visitors, it might not be the best day for some, as the Finnish group had to cancel. As replacement, Phil Campbell and The Bastard Sons jump in after spending their weekend at Karmoygeddon Festival and Andernach Metal Days

They also toured with Saxon, played Summer Breeze and Neuborn Open Air with Dool, started the new year in Telfs and soon will return to town with Accept. Basically, they would have three albums already (plus Phil did a solo one), but this time they are here to play Motörhead, marching on stage with „March ör Die“.

As Phil was part in the band since the mid 80s and the lion’s share of records since „Orgasmatron“, it makes perfect sense to include the title track. For „Born To Raise Hell“, they make halves of the audience sing against each other. „R.A.M.O.N.E.S.“ they announce as romantic song, and coming to „Lost Woman Blues“, singer Joel Peters shows himself happy, as someone demands a ‚slow one‘. 

Before „(We Are) The Road Crew“, they thank their helping hands behind the show screaming ‚Fuck you‘. More classics then lead to a way to early end of another fantastic Motörhead revival concert featuring one third of the original and his sons after Mötherhööd. And as they have currently open on Sundays, the Damenspitz invites for a nightcap on the pavement café.