To miss and to not miss

Warriors Of Steel, Mötherhööd

Tribute Night at Escape Metalcorner Vienna, Austria 20240323

After the weekends beginning with Sharktank on Friday, Saturday holds a lot of possibilities. Gruber&Turnheim do the sound for another Buster Keaton cult movie. JLP are at Area. The Fall has arrived with Perchta amongst others. And at Escape, which celebrated its birthday with God Dethroned and more, it is time for another heavy party.

When the favorite band doesn’t exist anymore, you need to get the yearly (live) dose in another way. „Mr. Crowley“ echoes through the place, before Mötherhööd are the ones to fill this gap left by Motörhead. Coming from Slovakia, where Lemmy lives e.g. at Lemmy’s Bar, they even opened for Girlschool before. Like it actually has to be, they play several classics plus some, that even the original didn’t have in the live set for years. 

So the starting „Metropolis“ is the first (positive) surprise, followed by „We Are The Road Crew“. „The Chase…“, „Orgasmatron“, „Iron Fist“, „Hellraiser“ and „Rock Out“ built a majestic middle part. And then there are „Rock ‘n‘ Roll“ and „Emergency“ from „St Valentines Day Massacre“ presented with authentic, dedicated power and making the set different from likes of The Röad Crew, Snaggletooth or Kilmister.

For a Motörhead fan, this would be everything it takes to be happy, but next up are Warriors Of Steel, performing some True (Battle) Metal from Manowar. They have fun on stage and with the (unfortunately bit few but fun) audience as well with songs like „Carry On“ and „Heart Of Steel“. 

More big songs like „Kings Of Metal“, „Hail and Kill“ and „Warriors Of The World“ are there too, and the whole show has a hold of the motivated crowd. After all, it is bit understandable, that people are not necessarely showing up for cover bands. But looking at the quality and joy of both, musicians and guests, this Tribute Night is not missing anything.