Weep (Single 2024)



There are certain bonds between humans, some of them seem to be everlasting. And this even though common steps sometimes are decades ago. But when reunited, and the same chemistry returns as well. In friendship and in music. 

Like three compañeros or caballeros, solo-artist and guitarist Johannes Maria Knoll teams up again with Reggae-drummer Sam Gilly (House Of Riddim) and vocalist Bernhard Seiwald (Maigeborn). Together, they released a first single under the banner BeCOLLECTIVE with a singer-songwriter base like Brendan Benson, Pop-appeal like The Beatles and rolling AOR and Blues-touch like Dire Straits, The Dead Daisies, The Answer and Chickenfoot

The cover of „Weep“ displays a person with hanging shoulders, starring down the abyss of a giant cliff like Los Gigantes in Teneriffe, Preikestolen in Norway or Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. It is a colourful yet melancholic image with the fog crawling up from the see, building the background for the typography. 

In the beginning, the strumming guitar and vocals are most present. But the relaxed rhythm section introduces the airy funky groove that is made to swing with it like Hello Sally, DeWolff and Vulfpeck. A prechorus leads to the actual one, with a falsetto in the transition, pointed like from Ville Valo.

Listening closer to the guitar, the cool sound in combination with the rhythm and singing line brings up (Post) Grunge feelings. Pearl Jam and Audioslave could be godparents for that. The finely tuned mix allows all instruments to work more in the final chorus after the bridge and solo.

Several voices are added as well, to create this dynamic closing. After listening, it doesn’t feel like letting the shoulders hang. It more feels like standing high and breathing the fresh air on the cliff, remembering the bonds that outlast everything.