The Beauty and the Effort of Woodstock in Burgenland

picture on – Ein Dorf wird zur Bühne / Ein Dorf im Festivalfieber (2022)


Music festivals are very popular and luckily, more and more small once can be found, covering all genres. Open Hair, Burnout and Rock’n Bichl were early examples. Nowadays, Rock im Dorf (Granada, Baits), Rostfest (Attwenger, Jolphin), Acoustic Lakeside (Fuzzman, Scheibsta), Woodstockenboi (Onk Lou, Lurch) and more connected in the NOEFF

The picture on festival is part of the network as well and has a long history with big artists like Liquido, Uriah Heep, Seether and many more. For their 20th anniversary in 2022, filmmaker Kristina Schranz illuminates the various aspects of the event: from the history, the organization and construction, and the bands and the fans, starting with idyllic images of the village Bildein.

Those remember of the Wacken documentary „Full Metal Village“. The organizers of the association KuKuK wanted to bring ‚urban‘ music to the countryside, with 150 visitors in the beginning. It then expanded quickly, with Kurt Ostbahn and Leningrad Cowboys, that are shown with footage from the archives. Ten Years After, Voodoo Jürgens and Hans Söllner follow, continuing the wide spectrum of musical styles. 

There are some important statements, which might appear naturally: Working voluntarily, the construction heads state that „some people have to sacrifice themselves, so other people can have a beautiful time“. And it makes a difference, when you helped to build up everything and then you see the output.

For the anniversary with 6000 fans, The Subways crown their performance with a spectacular stage dive. Sterz been here as guests before and are proud to play, next to likes of Kerosin95, Marla Glen and Moop Mama. In the morning, there is a yoga course and later actor Christoph Krutzler holds his reading and even gets married. Wallis Bird appears at the festival for the third time, and the surprise headliner is Wanda like at the Quellrock.

The documentary tells the story with nice pictures including aerials, and gives interesting facts on this festival for all generations. Apart from the 25 minutes „Erlebnis Österreich“-version, a 40 minutes cut will be shown on ORFIII (Saturday 15 October, 3:10 pm).