Wonderful Musical Trance Tonight

Peter Ratzenbeck

Strasshofer Kellertheater, Austria 20221008

Only about thirty minutes northeast from Vienna by train, a very special venue is located. Close to the railway station, the light invites to step into the cosy living room atmosphere of the Strasshofer Kellertheater. The owners welcome their guests cordially, with a fragrant buffet, nicely arranged tables and drinks. 

This lovely environment might be the reason, artists like to return. Comedians like Nina Hartmann and Eva Maria Marold, Dominik’s Travestie Show, and musicians like Ulli Bäer, die Wödmasta and Roswell 606 are just few of the names. For one of the most outstanding fingerstyle guitarists Peter Ratzenbeck, it is the fifth time on this stage already.

Through the decades, Peter (portrayed by Snapvision) recorded many albums, like the ‚old‘ vinyl „Sugar & Spice“, „Gitarero“, „Over the Years“ featuring „Orphan & Anyji“, „Peter’s Fancy“, „Spheres“ and the collaboration „RTL3“ with Hans Theessink and Michael Langer. On tour, he likes to mix the tunes spontaneously, returning to places like the Altes Kino, Jazz:it, Theater am Steg, Bühne Mayer or Strandgasthaus Birner

Tonight, he starts the first set with „Unterwegs“, already coming up with stories about getting older and Roland Neuwirth. Also he talks about his time as busker in Glasgow and reflecting „Auf mei’m Bank’l im Gart’n“ from the brand-new CD „Gwendolyn“. During a break at one of his seminars teaching guitar, he quickly arranged „Bad Moon Rising“, as course participants asked him why he doesn’t have something from CCR.

As he continues, the Martin player takes some time to explain the use of his way to shake the guitar physically. He plays „Song for Marcel“, „Albatross“ from Fleetwood Mac, „Dr. Willi / Der Ohrwurm“, „A Frau wia Du“, „Nix is so stü“ and many more. Coming closer to the end, the ‚onomatopoeia‘ with bottleneck „Sunday’s Fantasy“ is another highlight as the Beatles medley including „Hey Jude“. On request, he performs the traditional „Muss I denn“, before the final „Waldviertler Nächte“.

See Peter Ratzenbeck live is impressive every time again, and the Kellertheater is probably one of the best locations for occasions like this. And the tabs on his website invite to reimagine his pieces.