Who Does Need A Microphone?

Carpenter Brut, SIERRA

Leather Terror Tour 2022, Arena Wien – Große Halle, Austria 20221012

On the very same day, Boysetsfire hit SimmCity and a day after the Ultima Ratio Fest with likes of Moonspell and Insomnium went down, the Arena is ready for some real Darksynth action. Hailing from the cradle of Daft Punk and another big influence, Justice, two electronic artists are here to let the earth shake with their sound and the ceiling blind with their lights.

The Industrial Horror starts with the known circumstances, as the noise of the helicopter rotors of the ÖAMTC comes close, and the smell like a purification plant does the rest. The audience is a mixed bag of greatly styled fans with e.g. a respirator, Metalheads and hipsters as well. 

Support tonight comes from SIERRA, straight out of Paris droning the place with tunes like „Arrival“ and „Unbroken“. The light show is intense already, as she turns her rulers, dances and hits the drum pads. Her soft singing is more a whispering, that reminds of Chaos Over Cosmos. It’s a weird trip like Mr. Oizo that attracts more and more to join in the hall, and the crowd seemingly enjoys the show. 

Headliner of the evening is Carpenter Brut, named after the man himself John Carpenter (Halloween, The Fog, They Live). Highlights in his history include a remix with Ghost. With his new album „Leather Terror“, he continues another trilogy following a horror story with explicit imagery. On stage, he has his console with the pentagram logo similar to Panzerfaust, and visuals of a kind of octopus and an iron girder simulate a 3d effect. 

Between tracks like „The Widow Maker“ and „Roller Mobster“ from „EP II“ with the Petrine Cross on the cover, he comunicates with his fans through gestures. The title „Day Stalker“ makes think of „Blade“ and soundtrack artists Black Lab, The Crystal Method or Manchild. „Night Prowler“ rhymes with „Nightcrawler“ and as final, „Maniac“ comes in.

Due to the various sound, and the drummer and guitarist on stage, Ministry is not far away. And as next darksynth highlight, flyers for Perturbator are handed out.