Summertime Rock’n’Roll

Popfest 2023 | TAG 2

Karlsplatz Wien, Austria 20230728

In midsommer, at the border from July to August, festivals are all over. In Gubbio, the Spencerhill Festival takes place with Franco Micalizzi while Metal4Africa goes into the next round as well. And the Popfest in Vienna that featured likes of Scheibsta and Kid Pex has a special line-up this year again. 

On the main stage directly at Karlsplatz, the evening starts with Endless Wellness and Pressyes with Ruhmer on drums first. A highlight is the show of Ankathie Koi who recently played at Open Air Ottensheim with her band consisting of Ross Stanciu (b), Mike Seidl (g), Dominik Beyer (k) and Michael Schatzmann (d). A pithy scream resounds and there goes the (80s) groove. 

Since the Wiener Linien-single „Peggy G. Reen“, „Fool Of The Loving Kind“ was released with a video by Lulu Schmidt and the latest „Amour Fou“ stands out live as well. The same applies to „Viktoria“ from „Prominent Libido“. Between the songs, Ankathi Koi tells about the joy to be on stage and about turning 40. 

The vibe then changes to Hip Hop, as Skofi & Bex are up next. Replacing Bibiza, especially the strong presence of Bex (who appeared first on „Down Low“ by W1ze)  and the intense flows draw attention. Then it gets heavy grungy with Bipolar Feminin (Numavi Records, Spoon Agency), who serve a powerful set as well the Hard Rock way. 

While the Popfest evening would continue with e.g. Cousines Like Shit, a movie screening of „Vienna Calling“ and Franz Fuexe, the Arena invites for an aftershow party with the legendary series Iceberg. And on Saturday, the festival goes on with the 15 years anniversary label party of Duzz Down San and Paul Plut, who recently played at Kultursommer, featuring Marie Pfeiffer of Lurch, who played at Stick&Stone Festival and soon will be at Sauzipf Rocks and StoneBreak.