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Salute, Mono & Nikitaman, Scheibsta & die Buben

Popfest 2017, Karlsplatz, Vienna, Austria 20170727


Already days before it started, the Popfest Vienna was a huge topic in the news. Out of some reason, platforms like Die Presse, fm4 and the Alpenfeuilleton discussed big time, whether this event is good for the music scene or not. Let’s see.

Scheibsta & die Buben from Salzburg open the festival with their simply awesome Hip Hop. “Schlecht drauf”, a hilariously funny song starting with a true statement about the weather in Salzburg is a hot boarding drug for this band. Also their freestyles are just remarkable. Not only that the Buben manage to play free Jazz and then switch to Reggae, Scheibsta also knows a great story to tell about the three words form the audience “Entenanmut”, “Karlsplatz” and “Tiramisu”. More flashing songs are “Gerda” and their interpretation of “Lieber Heinz”.

The main act of the evening or most known is Mono & Nikitaman. Their mixture of musical styles is impressive, and their energy after several years of doing this already is unruly. But compared to the first act, their behaviour appears bit placed, and also their good messages are presented with the showing finger raised. But especially for a band of their format, they deserve respect that they play a free festival.

Final act are Salute, a trio experimenting with electronic sounds, which end up in a very danceable and smooth musical style. Main focus is the beat, the human voice is one important instrument. That’s why sometimes all the three of them are playing with sticks. Unfortunately they don’t sing much live, but when Felix does, it gives their sound a little extra.

After all people can discuss, but to see bands like those for free can be a good thing. This writer at least now is a fan of Scheibsta & die Buben. Obviously bands can reach new supporters at events like this.


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