Hemerith (EP 2020)


Instrumental Heavy Psych Stoner Doom Space Rock


The city of Lyon is the capital of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and dominated by the hill Fourvière, on which the Romans founded Lugdunum, a big theatre and all inclusive. At its feet, you can have a drink at one of the Irish pubs like Le James Joyce and continue in Rock locations like the Hard Rock Café, the Rock n’Eat and Le Farmer, or others you find on Metal Travel Guide.

From this place, the Heavy Psych Power trio Praÿ send out their new music. At the end of 2018, they unleashed their first demo, that half a year later was part of the debut and cemented their sound, style and structure. Due to the length of their songs, which is never under ten minutes, they even made a meme with The Rock driving. So the EP “Hemerith” has a length of over 24 minutes with only two songs.

The artwork of Juliette Abric shows the remarkable logo on top. Underneath, the sun shines on a hybrid beast, half cattle half human. It could be the “Faithless Goddess”, what is the title of track number one. Who expected a gloomy slow Doom beginning will be surprised. The fast start immediately fetches its listener and takes you on the way.

The beat gives the direction of the song and switches with smooth transitions, giving the ground for the riffs and solos. The second song “Widow Of Light” starts with this kind of four chord progression that gives you the anticipation for the following like Stoned Jesus or The Devil & The Almighty Blues, also bringing early Black Sabbath to your inner ear.

Barnstorming headbanger parts are included as well as a calm solo one. The end is announced early, to prepare the listener. The sound of Praÿ is a full pleasure for fans of countrymen Witchfinder, Ufomammut, 1782 and Clouds Taste Satanic, crafted at Homely Records Studio and Woodshed Studio.