Cordon Bleu (Album 2020)

Traurig In Europa

Österreichischer Post Punk


Between the Nordkette and the Patscherkofel lies the city of Innsbruck. The student town houses several music bars and live venues like the Zappa, Rififi, Sixtytwenty, Talstation, Treibhaus, Bäckerei, p.m.k and formerly the Weekender plus the Musikladen. From this alps destination, a band explored Austria from the Hugo in the west to the Tunnel in the east.

In June 2019, Traurig in Europa released their debut EP, and shortly after a live record “I muass speiben” as well. Now they present their new album “Cordon Bleu”. On the cover designed by Mitch Chinaski, you can see two pigs on a hill of garbage in front of chimneys. In one square they put the band logo, barbed wire that is similar to the flag of the European Union. In the other square is a kind of introduction and manual.

The record is ten songs strong, beginning with “Kroatienmüdigkeit”, for which the band made a music video. It is exemplary for the style of TiE: Lyrics from the perspective of the protagonists, often politicians and catchy riffs supported by piano and brass instruments. So they had their songs concerning Karl-Heinz Grasser and Sebastian Kurz.

This time, they directly address e.g. Harald Vilimsky and Hans Peter Doskozil. The wording is sarcastic, aggressive and reminds of Karl Marx talking about social classes. And the French Revolution is a recurrent topic as well. To underline their message, TiE made a lyric video for the final “Produktionsstillstand” too.

The group partly works with classic Punk three-chord progressions, but with the brass instruments has more of a Ska band like Ska-P and Guadalajara. Also they bring the Beatsteaks and similar artists to ones mind like Feine Sahne Fischfilet, Wizo and Kettcar.

The direct communication of their political attitude is a commonality with local Rap acts Scheibsta and Philiam Shakesbeat. Only packed in wild to comfy shaking ‘Austrian Post Punk’.