MMXX (Split 7” 2020)

Hajnalpír, Havária

Black Metal / Blackened Crust Punk Metal


The ways of the Lord are inscrutable, one can hear here and there. However, the ways to discover music are as well. Netflix, TikTok, Spotify, those are the ‘modern’ ones. But there are also more old-fashioned paths, like (Metal Only) Radio, Print Magazines or word to mouth.

A friend tells about a concert of a band named Celeste. And as you happen to be there, you experience The Devil’s Trade. And online, he promotes a band called Havária, which catches your attention. Wild and raw sound, direct and honest, as pure as you always loved it, even if you maybe didn’t know it yet.

Three songs of the band are one part of this split 7”. Translated, the titles are “Rotation”, “The Leader” and “Bad Blood”. After some feedback, the energy strikes right in with massive drums, guitars and growls. The production is clear especially for the genre, as the Crust is there. Plus the Black Metal makes it a dusky grim joy, with a touch of Finnish, due to similarities of Hungarian with the language.

Now through the split concept, you learn about Hajnalpír. While Havária recorded their parts at No Silence Studios, the other two songs were taped at the Kripta in Budapest. For the duration of eight minutes together, the band made usage of historical Hungarian movies “Bogáncs” and “Red Psalm” and own shootings as motion picture. As the waves of a black pond go inside, the suction pulls you down. And the short insert of a plastic bottle at the end indicates the painful death of earth. Eight minutes of sincerely beautiful Black Metal. Rough, squeaky and comforting.

Behind the cover that shows a picture of Käthe Kollwitz from Königsberg, Havária and Hajnalpír reveal an emotional landscape of vivid and ambitious extreme music, comparable to likes of Nag, Verschlinger and I.O.N.U. Lucky is who experienced the concert and follows the path.