Biggest Songs for the Villains

Queens Of The Stone Age, Broncho

Villians Tour, Wiener Stadthalle D, Austria 20171105


After the legendary Stoner Rock formation Kyuss broke up, the members followed own paths, in Vista Chino and John Garcia and Brant Bjork solo. Great bands, which play at nice places like the Rockhouse in Salzburg or the Arena in Vienna. But only one for some reason got this big reputation to even fill the Stadthalle.

Well, not completely, but enough so that in the very back there are still people standing. And they don’t only come from the capital itself, but travel the whole way from the other end of the country and the nearby states for this concert or to the Zenith in Munich. Everywhere this band makes a stop, the people are flocking there. But before let’s talk about the support.

At a point where it is still easy to get a place right behind the Front Of Stage area, what is a no-go for some, Broncho plays their gig. Even though coming from the US, they easily could be one of the classic Indie bands from the UK. It’s a floating solid kind of rock, which only got one problem: the bad wishy-washy sound in the place. Still some people like to dance, and giving warm applauses.

Unfortunately the sound won’t get that much better for the main act as some hoped for, what makes one wish to have the Queens Of The Stone Age in one of the smaller places. But as their new record “Villains” got a lot of great live songs, combined with those from the predecessor “… Like Clockwork” and all the classics, people love to enjoy the biggest Stoner Rock band. And so everyone else can find his own highlights, like “The Way I Used To Do”, “Make It Wit Chu”, “I Appear Missing” and of course the crushing final “A Song For The Dead”.