The real heir of Alice Cooper

Wednesday 13, Diablo BLVD

Bloodsick European Tour 2017 presented by Mind Over Matter, Chelsea Wien, Austria 20171107


Being a booker must be a difficult job, when thinking about that Seether fills the Arena, it is surprising to see this headliner in a much smaller place, in this case the Chelsea. But obviously made sense, and to be that close for this concert is an amazing feeling, what makes one thankful that they decided to choose this place.

The evening starts off with Diablo BLVD from Belgium, a really motivated bunch of guys, that makes the audience sing and clap to awesome tunes like “Like Rats”. During the breaks singer Alex Agnew tells that it took them horrible six hours from Prague to Vienna, what usually should be something like two hours. Also they celebrate the fact, that the subway rumbling over the Chelsea can cause feedback: “How Punk Rock is that?”

True, this place is punk rock, but with Wednesday 13 on stage, it even turns into a thrilling horror room. With the make-up and the stick in his hand, we could now start to argue about, if Marilyn Manson or him is the heir from Horror Rock Show master Alice Cooper. The little gimmicks, especially the glowing mask and the one, that makes him look like he got a second face on his back of the head are simple props but really effective. And the setlist is one big shot after another. Even though of course the songs “I Love To Say Fuck” from the former groups Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 / Murderdolls is one highlight, showing an umbrella with a middle finger on it every time, as well as the amazing “I Walked With A Zombie”.

This horror show for sure counts to the best concerts of 2017, and because of the size of the Chelsea and the therefore small but motivated crowd one of the most exclusive.