How to do Bass-Drum-Jumping

RavenEye, Psycho Village

European Tour presented by Barracuda Music, Chelsea Wien, Austria 20180227


The weather is freezing in whole Europe these days. But while people in Finland go to camp and do tent saunas on the one and schools in Rome stay closed on the other hand, the Chelsea in Vienna gets crowded for a very nice Rock concert.

As the supporters are locals, everyone in the first row already knows how to sing along with them: Psycho Village is the lovely name. Their Post-Grunge follows the common trails, so songs like the strong opener “Chasing The Sun” or “Perfect” are easy to get into. The visuals on the two screens are cool but too big for this stage and therefore unfortunately distracting from the show, which is very powerful. Only because they work with many classic moves, it feels a bit rehearsed and not totally authentic.

But they manage to warm up the audience for the headliner: RavenEye “you shouldn’t miss”, it says in the description. Completely agree! Because what you get are a big voice, a drummer with a crazy look and a bassist spinning his instrument and himself over the stage. As they got many influences, the songs vary from stadium to stoner rock plus a wonderful ballad with acoustic guitars and three voices. Their show includes an AC/DC-piggyback-walk through the audience, the guys jumping on the counter next to the stage and a lot of hops on and over the bass drum. Really not sure if they practice their instruments at rehearsals or drumset-jumping. And one more great thing, that they walk off the stage for the encore because they think it is “boring”, but instead go on directly to play more music.

But eventually the greatest Rock’n’Roll evening comes to an end. And who knows, maybe soon both bands will fill and elate the halls of the acts they supported, in case of RavenEye Deep Purple or Slash.