Awake Ancient Feelings

Bömbers, Ewïg Frost, Tulsadoom, HellreX

Escape Birthday, Escape Metalcorner Wien, Austria 20180302


Happy Birthday Escape! Since 15 years already the so-called Metalcorner can be named an institution of the Viennese Metal scene. To celebrate this, they invited some very special bands to play the stage in the basement.

150 people can fit into the room, and so the concert on Friday is sold out. First group is HellreX. They deserve respect already to play this great gig in front of just a handful guys because it is quite early. The five master the classic heavy metal in perfection. Also especially the first two songs remind of the Finnish veterans Stone – nice!

The second band puts a lot of effort in their show. Tulsadoom arrive in costumes to underline what they are playing: savage barbaric Metal. And this with high motivation and a lot of fun, what comes down under the audience. Third support comes from a familiar name: Ewïg Frost, who celebrate their 15 years anniversary too,  for sure manage to warm up the last ones with their show. Their Speed Metal if you want to name it like that is on a high velocity so the heads fly quite quickly. That the godfathers of this music are Motörhead is obviously.

What brings us to the final act of the evening: The Bömbers from Bergen, Norway not only call themselves but are the ultimate Motörhead tribute band. On the microphone famous Abbath (ex-Immortal) wakes elation in the audience: “You were right, this is so close to the original!” For fans of legendary Lemmy and his music, it is awesome to see the songs live again. Whether it is with Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons, The Röad Crew, Vibratör or the Bömbers. To experience tunes like “Metropolis”, “Orgasmatron”, “Motörhead” and “Overkill” everytime will be a highlight that awakes ancient feelings and brings one close to tears at the same time and it carries on the heritage.


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