Delorean (Album 2021)

Rebell Bagatell

Pop Skate Punk Deutsch Rock


The old heroes Sum41, Green Day, Blink-182, Lagwagon and Good Charlotte are still alive and hold up high by seemingly a growing amount of bands. In Eastern Austria those are Here For A Reason, Far From Autumn and Iron Snag Joe, and another formation finally published their debut album.

With SBÄM, Rebell Bagatell found the right partner for their release, as the label hosts likes of Deadbeatz, Sam Chalcraft and Glue Crew (who will play at Pirates Days as well). After a Demo 2016 and few live recordings at DasBACH and replugged, now the five friends recorded the ten songs at Elephantwest Audio and documented those days in a little Making Of.

On the cover of “Delorean”, the car itself is the eye-catcher. And the music is Back To The Future. Apart from the English speaking bands, the German language of Rebell Bagatell brings up for example Madsen, Die Ärzte and Tomte. The lyrics tell stories of adolescent recklessness, but especially at the end of responsibility as well.

Musically important are the great melodies and haunting refrains, like in the very first “Sold My Soul (To Rock’n’Roll)”, that fetches the willing listener with an Offspring-riff right away. For three songs the band has released a video, like for the title track, that is about the lightheartedness of the youth, making think of days on e.g. the snowboard close to the abyss.

For songs like “Blumenstrauss” and “Märchenfilm” the guys recorded choir parts. Track number eight “Hilfe” first appears to be a fun song about Mars Attacks, Independence Day or They Live but holds an important message in the middle: “each human counts as human”. And in the “Wir sind die Kinder” video, the short film shows two rebellious kids in the style of “No Way But The Hard Way”, “Get Back In Line” and “Walk”.

So the overall master plan of Rebell Bagatell of music, attitude and appearance works. And in the final song, they have another message: not to wait too long, because otherwise it might be too late to for example put out an appealing record like this (and therefore they are not that bad ideals like they sing in “Abriss”).