Sinking ‘Til The Blue Hour

The Helmut Bergers

Rockhouse Club Session Live Stream #10, Rockhouse Salzburg, Austria 20210219

It could have been a concert weekend with From Hell and Cadû. Instead, the Slay at Home Festival by Metal Injection brings you collaborations of Paradise Lost, Pallbearer and more as well as Hamferð. And the Rockhouse Club Session goes down for the tenth time already.

After formations like Magic Delphin and Onk Lou, tonight it is time for The Helmut Bergers. They choose their name after the star movie actor, famous for an eventful life and screenplays with e.g. Elizabeth Taylor, Henry Fonda, Anthony Hopkins, Kirk Douglas and more. Singer Paul appeared with The Vintage Cinema Club in “The Beat with The Rhythm” and on a short film premiere.

With his own band, he conjures the “power of Pop music”. They have released two full-length records 2011 and 2018, several haunting music videos like “Melodia” and ”1984”, live captures like “Lonely Soldier” at B72 and an Unplugged set filmed by FS1. For their online appearance, they put together a set of 12 highlights.

While the Seitenblicke show Thomas Forstner, who Peter Meyer sang about, The Helmut Bergers come stomping with their midtempo Rock’n’Roll. “Sinking Up” is the second song already, and after the third one, Paul introduces the band, as Stuard is asking for it. Like this, they comment on several comments.

After “Trieste”, initial point of a full documentary series, Paul mentions that basically everybody should watch this naked, as it is possible at home. The more gloomy “Obsessed” follows, reminding of an 70s or 80s film noir and Flut’sLinz bei Nacht”, before it all gets a Hives-drive with “I Got Your Money”.

As final one, the Bergers play “Blue Hour”. That term brings us to the great camera work of Attic Film, who bring up the big gear including a crane. They give interesting perspectives like from the top or through the cymbals and tracking shots, assembled with dissolves and featuring lens flares. The pictures, sound and performance sum up in another cheerful Friday evening dancing session.