Finest Hip Hop Open Air

Reindorfgassenfest 2023 – Day 1

Reindorfgasse Wien, Austria 20230908

Every year in September, the Reindorfgasse in the 15th district turns into one big food and music festival. The street known e.g. for Gasthaus Quell, Pizzeria Mafiosi, Reinwein and the adjacent Atelier Analog then provides three stages, and this year we concentrate on the ‚Bühne Nord‘ for a reason. 

In the early afternoon, the program starts with The Zees and Locke, who just played in the district at Reithofferpark. DJ King then accompanies A.geh Wirklich? and Fuchs MC, before Duzz Down San takes over for the second part of their 15 years anniversary celebration after the Popfest

That they know how to celebrate, they proofed view meters away at Auer-Welsbach-Park or at Radiokulturhaus already. Testa from Von Seiten der Gemeinde starts as Worst Messiah with a DJ set. P.tah is responsible for the moderation, telling that they exist since 15 years almost to the day and are from the 15th district. 

Pirmin presents a beatset with tracks from his new record including „Trinkfest Sein“ what leads to the Öklos and „Yodel Dem Down“ as ‚a Jodler must not be missing‘. For Nee-Sha it is one of her first gigs after Rap am Wasser. She just appeared in the latest Fokis video and performs her singles „Take Me Home“ and „Glitter“ amongst others, while an airplane crosses.

Her singing is impressive and makes think of Rae Khalil from „Rhythm + Flow“, Miss Weirdy, Misses U and Tash Sultana. Then Mo Cess and Testa follow incorporating a Beatnuts snippet and P.tah and Marielle Zaiser as guests to their ‚half an hour Tyrolean course‘. It is „Alles Ok“ with the view down the street that looks like a „Dschungel“ from „Klåmm“ with an artwork by -eys-

The audience is on their side, flips with the beats and shouts. And the party then still continues with DJ line by P.tah and Mirac and later at the Ponyhof down in the Sechshauser Straße near Times or at the Silent Disco at Strandbar Hermann.