Praise And Hail The Rock’n’Punk

Reverend Backflash, Loveshocks

The Only Vienna Live Appearance in 2019, B72 Wien, Austria 20190928


Saturday night in eastern Austria. Disbelief destroy the frei:raum at the STP Metal Weekend supported by Rotten Cold and Griszmo. At the same time, Roadwolf open at the Escape, where later the ritual “Come To The Sabbath” happens. And at the B72, a special show awaits the audience.

The space in front of the stage and back to the bar is already well filled, as the Loveshocks from Germany start their gig. First the band convinces already optically with a cool Punk style. But also their music between classic Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and Rock’n’Roll with a great voice is great fun. They themselves named it Glam n Sleaze Punk, inspired by names like Kiss, Girlschool and The Damned. Soon they will bring their Rock show to the frei:raum too and the MARK in Salzburg.

The crowd gets even bigger for the only live appearance in Vienna in 2019 of Reverend Backflash. While “There’s No Business Like Show Business” plays, the stage gets shrouded in fog and the four protagonists enter. Guitarist Captain Stevo also plays in cover band Fia Imma Fett, mainly influenced by Motörhead. But also the Punk Rock’n’Roll fits, and again the optical appearance plus the sound, reminding of the Ramones or more modern Blink-182, Sum 41 or Here For A Reason easily gets the audience moving. Interesting is that both bands got a flash as their logo. The setlist contains a “Mr. Tambourine Man” cover and a lot of their third longplayer “Too Little Too Late” like “Never Turn Over”, released via Pogo’s Empire. According to their website, they been around since sixteen years like the DeeCRACKS as well, and hopefully will be too. And for those who wanted to go on celebrating this awesome concert night at the B72, DJ Alfi hosts the Alternative Saturday.