Defy And Go Varying Paths

Great Red Silence, World’s Worst Poet

“White Shark Café” Album Release Show, Kramladen Wien, Austria 20190927


The Kramladen this Friday was venue of the second edition of a special combo. After the first one at the B72 in May, the main Rock act now is here to present the first full-length.

But their day starts in the worst way ever. After losing their booker, they struggled with some other difficulties concerning the concert, and if it wasn’t enough, there was a try to ban their new music video from YouTube. But with the help of the amazing Kramladen team, they made it all work, and at least they still got PR support by Rola Music, that is represented by e.g. Mark Peters and Worth at the Waves Festival.

The last time, World’s Worst Poet had his newly released EP “Happy Black Cat” with him including a tasty self-made chilli sauce of which he plays some songs again. First he sings about people trying to tell him his way and finding himself, before already the second song is “Trains Cars Western Guitars”. Also he plays “Homeless Man” and “Dreary Roads”, “maybe the only none-rap song from the 15th disctrict”, for which he earns laughers thinking of RAF Camora. The great new song after is about the fear of actual changes in politics amongst other things, before he ends his set with “Screw Things Up”.

Then Great Red Silence present their debut “White Shark Cafe” produced by Stranger Sounds in its entire. Physically they sell it as a handmade CD slipcase with a sealing with their initials and in picture book with prints of the beautiful artworks by Lukas Philippovich. On stage, they appear a bit cautious in the very beginning, but quickly get amazingly powerful. The joy of playing this sound, you can see in their faces, even though the Kramladen is not completely crowded. Musically the full album reminds of Slash, who followed varying paths in his solo debut too. Like this, the band manages the balancing act between wonderfully quiet to rough, wild and loud. The light underlines the different moods. As encore, they play two new songs, which “change every two weeks”.