Beer Week Finals

The Röad Crew, Brewtality, Freddie Red, Wet Spinach, The Trousers, Fia Immer Fett

Arena Beisl Bierwoche Open Air, Arena Wien, Austria 20190803


The Arena Beisl Beer Week comes to its final phase. After e.g. great Stoner Rock nights like on Tuesday, this last round offers even two stages and six bands all more or less under the sign of heavy Rock’n’Roll.

Fia Immer Fett with Stevo of Reverend Backflash on vocals already nail it with their covers of mostly Motörhead tunes with Viennese dialect lyrics. “No Class” becomes “Koa Glas” and like this many classics from “Orgasmatron”, “Overkill” to even “Louie Louie” get a new face. Inbetween they change to television hits (“Wickie“/”The Lion King“) but come back to the “Silber Maschin’” and their title giving version of “Killed By Death”.

On the big stage, The Trousers from Budapest follow. They perform a highly professional and motivating show. Naming Iggy Pop and The Hellacopters as their influences, their visual style on stage and in videos fits to their great Rock. They have a new album with them, and one song they even dedicate to Stevo, who they say invited them to play. Down at the FoH, Wet Spinach from Linz follow with their “Heavy Rock with Punk impact”, what perfectly describes their energetic sound. On bass, they are supported by Olli of The Devil’s Rejects.

Band number four brings up a second time “Silver Machine” as sound check. Freddie Red come with cool straight rock like Danko Jones. They are the first who advert the Bierwoche Sampler, that is available for free, with the artwork by Bernie Luther. The boys from Brewtality not only perfectly fit in here because of the name, but also because of their amazing Heavy Metal. They don’t only have great voices, but also have the decency to name Valentina taking care of their merch. Plus they deliver a great “Highway Star” cover.

The Röad Crew are the awesome final live band for an awesome day and week. Not only at the Lemmy Memorialparties they manage to convince with their Motörhead cover versions but also supporting Motörhead Music act Barb Wire Dolls and this night. They mainly play the ‘golden’ Bronze Records tracks like “The Chase Is Better Than The Catch”, from ‘the most loved record‘ “I Got Mine” or from the major debutI’m So Bad (Baby I Don’t Care). Another wonderful rise of the Motörhead spirit.