Good Atmosphere In Good Company

Joey Cape, Sam Chalcraft

Solo & Acoustic Tour 2019 presented by Arcadia Live and Destiny Tourbooking, B72 Wien, Austria 20190811


Summer got to its peak what leads to peak temperatures when heading to e.g. the Escape where this week Reason Of Sin played or as well at the B72. This Sunday, the place is even sold out, and that’s for a good reason. Because after the Punkrock Holiday, that just took place at the same place as the MetalDays, the community celebrates two acts here.

On the shirts you can read names like NOFX, Bad Religion, No Use For A Name, Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, Millencolin, Less Than Jake, Propaghandi and more, as support Sam Chalcraft starts the evening. The U-Bahn-Star also could be seen at the Nova Rock twice and other venues. And since his EP, he has now released his full-length “From Busk Till Dawn”. It is produced by his successor and released via his label One Week Records, vinyl via SBAM Records. Tonight, he makes the whole audience his choir for “What Have You Done” and “Jeff” he plays right down there among them. Soon he’ll play at the Kramladen with “The Little Love Left” and Maria Burger.

The main act who is responsible for the wonderful sound of Sam is Joey Cape, most famous for his contribution in Lagwagon. This band nailed it at the Nova Rock already in 2006, but Joey was more active since, playing e.g. with Bad Astronaut. He just released his solo LP too via Fat Wreck ChordsLet Me Know When You Give Up”. About playing his solo songs like the single “I Know how to run”, he tells he is scared, but someone instantly screams that he is “the best songwriter in the world”. Also he states that Sam “got the respect of the city”. Wearing a “Muggle”-shirt, he performs highlight after highlight like “Going For The Bronze” or “May 16th”. Before leaving to Rimini and the p.m.k in Innsbruck, he leaves a happy completely internationally crowded B72 with earworms.

Photo © Petri Markkanen